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Certified Pro EFT Practitioners listed below have trained directly with Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Zoe Walton, L.Ac., both Certified AAMET Trainers. They are Level 3/Ultimate Practitioners Workshops graduates and have successfully completed the highest academic and proficiency standards of our Pro EFT Certified Assessment Program, and surpass AAMET advanced practitioner requirements (the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.)

Certified Pro EFT Practitioners


The Advanced Pro EFT Practitioners listed below have trained directly with Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Zoe Walton, at the advance Progressive EFT level. They are Level 3/Ultimate Practitioners Workshops graduates

Advanced Pro EFT Practitioners

The Level 3 EFT Practitoners - are Level 3 graduates and like the above practitioners are also AAMET members 

Level 3 EFT Practitioners

However, your Pro EFT practitioner is a very personal choice, so we suggest that you visit their websites and maybe chat with one or two before deciding who would be the best fit for you. You will also find the answers for many of your questions about fees, location or specialties on their sites, rather than below.

Unless you’re dead-set against doing Pro EFT by phone, please do do not consider their physical location (except, perhaps, time-zone preferences.) Finding a competent practitioner for your needs is far more important than finding someone close to home.

Certified Pro EFT Practitioners

Ann Smith
Ann Smith, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, AAMET Certified
Specialties: Weight release, stress release and abuse/trauma release
Phone: 812-336-4059
Bloomington, IN
E-mail: Ann@InsideOutWithEFT.com
Website: www.InsideOutWithEFT.com
Bill Dovel

Bill Dovel RN, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, Pro EFT Trainer, AAMET Certified
Specialties: Empowering you to gently eliminate your stress, painful emotions, physical pain, and trauma. Gaining the emotional freedom to live the life you were meant to live. 
Phone: 208-685-2315
Eagle, ID
E-mail: billdovel@proeftcenter.com
Website: www.proeftcenter.com

Cathryn Taylor
Cathryn Taylor,Pro EFT Certified Practitioner; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Addictions Counselor and author of best-selling Inner Child Workbook
Specialties: arresting addicitons, confronting compulsions and achieving goals
Phone: 612-710-7720
Chaska, Minnesota
E-mail: ctinnerchildwork@aol.com
Website: www.JoinCathrynTaylor.com

Elizabeth Mandzuk,Pro EFT Certified Practitioner
Specialties: Depression, anxiety
Phone: 0404 492 953
Western Australia
E-mail: admin@eftwithelizabeth.com
Website: www.eftwithelizabeth.com

Heike Prevrhal, M.Ed. Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, AAMET Certified
Specialties: Infertility, Pregnancy, Parenting, Relationships and Children; Spirituality and Personal Transformation
Phone: 415-652-1552
San Francisco, CA
E-mail: heike@releaseintopeace.net
Website: www.releaseintopeace.net
Kate Winch

Kate Winch, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner
Northern California


Kathryn Karjala, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner
Specialties: releasing fear, pain, and weight or body issues
Phone: 406-585-0024
Bozeman, MT
E-mail: kathy@eftlifecoach.com
Website: www.eftlifecoach.com

Lisa Engles, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner; Certified Life Coach; certified Personal Trainer, Movement Based Healing Arts; EFT Educator and presenter
Specialties: sports-performance issues
Phone: 408-375-2412
Northern California
E-mail: Lisa@innerstatecoaching.com
Website: www.Innerstatecoaching.com
Lynn Robinson, MA, MFT, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, AAMET Trainer
Specialties: Include but are not limited to Anxiety, Women's Issues, Substance Abuse Post-cessation Issues.
Phone: 415-472-3273
San Rafael, CA
E-mail: inquiries@MindfulEFT.com
Website: www.MindfulEFT.com

Stephanie Tran, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, AAMET Trainer
Specialties: Attracting Abundance with EFT
Phone: 510-681-8522
San Leandro, California
E-mail: stran@eftwithstephanie.com
Website: www.eftwithstephanie.com

Uli Mueller
Uli Mueller, MA, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, AAMET Trainer
Specialties: Business related issues, removing blocks to personal and professional satisfaction
Phone: 510-393-5779
Oakland, CA
E-mail: udmueller@aol.com
Website: www.lutransformationalcoaching.com

Valerie Ozsu, NP, Nurse-Midwife, Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, AAMET Trainer
Women's issues Specialty
Northern California
E-mail: ozsuee@comcast.net
Website: www.naturalhealthandwellnesscenter.net

Zoe Walton, L.Ac., Pro EFT Certified Practitioner, AAMET Trainer
(Zoe is also Lindsay's workshop partner)

Phone: 415-456-8435
Northern California
E-mail: zoewalton@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.ZoeWalton.com

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Advanced Pro EFT Practitioners

JoAnn Skywatcher, Pro-ER Practitioner
EFT-ADV, Teacher, Author 


Mendocino County, CA

E-mail: joann@wayhealthy.us
Website: www.wayhealthy.us

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Level 3 EFT Practitoners

Joanne Harvey
Joanne Harvey, MSW, Pro EFT Practitioner, HTA Lev. 1
Specialties: Grief, Procrastination and Enhancing Personal Performance
Phone: 530-459-5464
Yreka (Northern), CA
Website: www.eftjoanne.com
  Judy Depenau, Pro-ER Practitioner, Regenesis Practitioner
Board of Advisors for the National
Alliance of Emotional Health - Mendocino County, CA

E-mail: jdepenau@sonic.net
Kristina Laumer, Pro-ER Practitioner
Specialties: business-related issues, transitions, exam/interview anxiety, sales performance, loss of work and more

Phone: 206-940-4018
Seattle, Washington
Website: www.adventuresineft.com (c

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